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Macs: too expensive or not?

In the last few weeks we have seen an ad campaign by Microsoft, that implies that Macs are too expensive. Few people understand that this is a myth.
Clearly, many people when confronted with the opportunity of buying a computer consider price to be one of the most important variables. Certainly one cannot buy a laptop at any price, since few people can shell out more than a few thousand dollars to buy a computer.
However, if you do a clear analysis, it becomes clear that the exact cost of a computer is not the most important factor to consider when you are buying a new machine.

Factors in Buying a Laptop

First, remember that a laptop is one of your more personal working items. A laptop is even more personal than a paper notebook. You use it everyday, for many hours per day.
Consider the price of a laptop, divided by the days it is used, and you will see that it is one of the cheapest items you use.
For example, suppose you use a laptop for 3 years, which is standard for a Mac. This is more than 1000 days. This is less than two dollars per day, even if you buy a $2K laptop.
Two dollars per day, on the other hand, is less than the cost of a sandwich.
What do you think is more useful, a $2 sandwich that will keep you for a few hours, or a working tool that you will use during the whole day?
Also, notice that the laptop is useful everyday, even on weekends…
Looking from this side here are a few features that I consider more important:

  • quality of screen
  • easy of use
  • quick service on case of damage

While the advertisement by MS makes sense on the surface, when you stop to think about the factors, it really doesn’t add up… What do you think?

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