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The New Line of Retina MacBooks

Another product that was announced recently was a 13 inch retina MacBook. The revamped laptop was introduced in the latest event sponsored by Apple, and attracted huge attention from the Media.

The new laptop offers many of the features available in the top of the line 15 inch model. This includes the innovative retina display, which makes this laptop the one with best display offered by Apple to this date.

The 13″ has received a unibody in aluminum, and the combination of form factor with powerful hardware will make it a perfect candidate for a desktop replacement.

Another feature of the retina MacBook is its flash memory drive. This means that software starts faster since the drive is so much quicker than a normal hard drive.

With all these features combined, the new retina MacBook has everything to become a successful hardware platform, especially in the education market. Students and professors are more than happy to use a slimmed down laptop that has not only all the features found in bigger machines, but also a high quality retina display.

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